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      Jan 14, 2020
      GV125 2016

      After being rear-ended on my motorcycle, I have finally recieved my write-off back from my insurance (I have been compensated, they actually paid me more than I paid for the bike when I bought it, and I got my bike back for free, no salvage costs!).

      It is a category N write off, so therefore had to be MOT’d before I can validate my insurance again.

      Just came back from the garage, and it has failed for a couple minor things and for the front wheel bearing. Would anyone have an idea on how to change the bearing, or any replacements? I do not think the shop sells them, but I will check after posting.

      Many thanks, Ben. Ride on

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      ♠️ MARCEL
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      Jan 14, 2020
      North UK

      Email sent, i got your order.

      Changing the wheel bearings isn’t too hard as we use bearing pullers.  Some people use a flat steel rod and tap them them out but i would becareful as not to damage the hub bearing sits on.

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