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      Hi just finishing cleaning and refurbishing my carbs on a GT125R after a long layover. Does anyone know what height the floats should be set too? I have seen a YouTube (in Indian) for GT250 which suggests 7mm, not sure if it’s the same for a 125.

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      Hyosung GTR

      I had a similar problem a while ago. The manual said 17 mm, but the bike stopped running.

      In this forum, Marcel told me to set it at 7 mm, and he was right. The bike came back to life.


      PS: my engine was a 250cc

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      North UK

      If the carb floats are facing the sky ,  the height is 7mm from the gasket surface.  If the carb diapgram covers are facing the sky , they floats will move (come away from the carb bowls) to about 14-17mm ish.   So be careful adjusting the float tangs both ways as not to overflow the carb  (flooding)  or giving too little fuel.

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