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      Feb 7, 2020

      Hi, can anyone help. Went to work this morning and my bike has decided it wants to just not go anywhere above 8k revs and then make loud pops from the exhaust. If I change up a gear it stops doing it but then when hits 8k revs it does it again. The bike is a 2012 GT 125r.

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      Feb 7, 2020
      North UK


      I would start with the main thing (sometimes overlooked) is the carb.
      – Has it gone through a deep clean session (eg. Every single hole air blasted with a compressor and liquid cleaner)
      – has it had its floats messed with? (5mm instead of 7mm)
      – how the slide walls for diaphragm?
      – how are the diaphragm slides?
      – how are the main jets and pilots?
      – how OLD is your fuel filter (miles)
      – do you see particles inside fuel filter?
      – do you see particles in air filter and how old is it? (Miles)

      While at it.
      – how are the manifolds of the bike?
      – have the O-Rings of the manifold changed recently for fresh ones?
      – manifold clamps OK?
      – what colour is your spark plugs and can we see ? (To make better judgement too)

      What i have asked above directly affects your question. Each line of question should be addressed until your bike starts to run better. Because also what i said above can be repeated from the service manuals of various carby hyosungs.

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