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      Klerksdorp south Africa
      Comet GT125

      Hi, I have a 2004 Comet GT125 and love it. However, I have an issue with the rear wheel/chain/swingarm & need advice please. Problem is I can feel the rear wheel “moving” while riding. I have also noticed that the chain has slackened/tightened after I have meticulously adjusted the chain. I couldn’t understand how this is possible. But after some thought and a bit of research I wonder if the rubbers/bushes of the suspension/swingarm/shock absorber could be worn out and this is the cause of all my troubles? Is this even a possibility? And if it is how will I diagnose the problem? And how will I repair such a problem? Obviously replacing the said rubbers)bushes but is it something I can do myself? And being in South Africa, I struggle to get parts for my Hyosung….


      Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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      2009 GT 250 R

      If you raise and support the bike with the rear wheel off the ground and try to move the swinger arm left to right. If there is movement then the roller bearings need replacing. If no movement on swingarm try twisting rear wheel. If there is movement then the problem is likely to be either worn bearings or more likely worn cush drive rubbers.

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