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      Hello. Top end ticking noise when revving.

      Things tried:

      Removed head and cylinder to inspect. Everything looks fine. New gaskets fitted.

      Piston rings look good

      Replaced cam bearings

      Tappets adjusted, cam in good condition

      Changed spark plug

      Changed carb. Changed inlet rubbers.

      Helicoiled worn exhaust threads. New gasket

      Decoked head and piston crown.

      Changed and tested cam chain tensioner.

      At a loss. Unless it’s just the natural sound of the engine.

      Wondered if it is pinking or detonation. Is there a way to advance or retard the ignition timing?

      Not clutch bearing. Its been replaced.

      Piston slap would go off as engine warms up. This is constant.

      Im out of ideas.

      Many thanks. Will post a video when i get home.


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      Hey welcome and Happy Easter!

      Hmmm, i read all you have said,  how about   look for the noise source  (make sure your ears are closest to the source of ticking or using the ear and screwdriver trick, that will highlight the closest area of the noise.

      Also consider these ?

      • Crank Shaft Bearing
      • Starter Motor Sprag clutch  (behind the flywheel there will be 3x balls)
      • Flywheel Sprocket Needle Bearings (as thet do spin on the shaft continously)
      • Any play on the Piston Rod   (hints by the piston itself showing skirting marks ?)
      • Piston ROD bearing (on the crank shaft)?


      Just throwing that out there and keep us posted!

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