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      Hi really thinking of doing a 520 on my gt125r due to being slow on pull off does the 520 conversion really make that much difference?

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      Personally if you go on Facebook group and search “520 chain marcel” or something like that.  Everyone always has big praises for every tailored chain kit sent to them. It is their favourite mod on the bike by far.

      Most common replies / feedback are along the lines of:
      – much faster acceleration ,
      – bike still sits at 70 all day & gets there much sooner
      – max chain & sprocket speed limit is 91 – 107  (125 & GT250cc bikes)
      – japan 520 kits outlast any expensive 428 on every hyo. (less chain adjustments!)
      – Made for serious touring ,  428s are prone to snapping away wheres you can do even 400 miles in one day with a 520.

      Put it this way,  stock machines max out 82 – 88 (GT125 & 125R) –  With a 520, you will get to 80s much quicker & not worry about a chain snapping on the way to scotland/wales for example.

      Personally, I went from near York (north) to south Bristol  (500-600 miles round trip) , the chain kit didn’t flinch or bother me.  This is doing top gear all day on the motorway as a demo test.  I still have the same shiny rear sprocket 1 year later, and still is good to this day.   i’ve seen crappy sprockets fade so badly after few weeks lol.

      I have not seen anyone else do a better bundle, as i’ve seen some sellers put useless sprockets with virtually no difference to acceleration (defo not a “race kit”) ,  besides that they don’t even include washers (mandatory replacement) or even high strength stainless bolts knowing our old hyo-stock bolts will crumble away in rust lol. Watch out, some chains are heavy & use fake metals. (Especially chinese)

      Ride steady!
      – M

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