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      micky m
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      Oct 20, 2019
      south london
      gt250r 2010
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      hi guys ,i wonder if anyone can help .i have a gt250r and the right hand green light in the digital clock is not lighting up to tell me im indicating right .is there a way to replace the bulb or is it a sealed unit .the indicators work fine .cheers mick

      micky m gt250r

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      ♠️ MARCEL
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      Oct 20, 2019
      North UK
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      Hello Mick,

      I will assume this is the “white dash” as 250s beyond 2010 were EFI ofcourse. So the top side icons of the dash have their individual bulbs that light up separate to the LCD below them.

      You would open the dash unit carefully,  and you will see that it has small 12v bulbs which are called “Wedge fitting”  similar to those of the older naked hyosungs with Manual Clocks.

      Off my head (i hope!) is a size T6.5 wedge 12v bulb.   The bulb will also be marked on it what size it is and its watts  (i believe t6.5,  1.2 or 2 watts, 12v)

      LED replacement is rarely mentioned from me also, as most of them are chinese junk (they will die out again sooner, so if in doubt, the original “filament glass type” bulbs last better generally if its from Osram , Philips and the like etc,)

      My own dash is an 08, the RPM side went dark after 6yrs of daily use, i simply just replaced it with the same filament bulb ,  didn’t bother with LED’s .

      I don’t think hyosung did anything drastic in 2010 to prevent owners replacing that bulbs that flash the icons at the top of the dash  (such as FI, <== ==> , HiBeam, etc…)

      I hope this info helps, let us know how you get on.   If i missed something, let us know also.

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