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      May 14, 2019

      So I have major struggles starting my bike from cold to the point it is very boggy and needs to be bumped started and by the sounds of it runs on one cylinder I’ve looked at the choke I can see though the fairing the cable moving but the physical choke on the carb doesn’t do anything I’ve tried tightening the cable and it just makes the lever so tight and still won’t move or do anything thanks for the help ( I plan to get new coils and spark plugs but need this sorted in the mean time)

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      May 14, 2019
      North UK

      Go on the right side of the bike, where the carbs are.

      See the choke rail? = Push it with your hand towards front tyre  (push-slide the choke rail instead of  pulling the cable from your hand lever)

      You will see with your own eyes if the choke plungers are working , they will normally extend out  while the choke rail moves.

      Failing that,  grit and salty road debris can seize up linkages on the carb bodies.   If you go to eurocarparts or halfords , just get Wynns Carb Cleaner and spray outside the linkages , to agitate the dirty linkages, the dirt will drip down. So get a rag and be ready to clean off

      Ideally, you want to remove the carbs of the carb itself , then also spend time cleaning the jets  with the same carb cleaner   (search keyword “CARB” on this site for a tutorial on carb jet removal)

      Pilots & mains definitely should come out and be blasted clean.  Also use the carb cleaner to clean the inside of the hole (many holes inside!)

      Sticky black tube sliders (diaphragms) can stop the main jets opening properly under full throttle (hesitant bike) =

      Last one, you can disconnect the carb choke cable and check yourself that it moves freely by its own. and doesn’t appear cracked/kinked/stretched or splitting hairs.

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