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      This tutorial will explain how to add an image under your profile signature.   

      These signatures appear only in the “Forums” section (where you are now)

      • There is only 1 rule for Image Signatures in general:
        It can be as wide as you want it   but maximum height of the image is 75 pixels max (75px)
        (“super landscape mode, if you will”)
      • Unsure? use the [crop] function on your Mobile or PC Device  or  OR …. use 🙂

      Anyway , Let’s do this…

      1. If you haven’t already done so…. Please visit this guide here  first   (opens in new Tab)
      2. If you already know how to use [ i mg ] http://www.url.jpg [ / i m g ]   tags   …Skip #1
      3. Go to your Profile Page 
      4. Click “Edit Profile” in the secondary menu tabs
      5. Then it’s just there… Paste the  “IMGUR.COM”  Forum BBcode  (or whatever image provider you use)
      6. Save Changes…. Visit any topic on the forum , look at your own topics.

        Wanna test ?  — Leave feedback on this thread….

      I hope that was easy.

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