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      Been a while since I’ve posted on the site, the last time was checking views on suitable tyres for my GT250. The OE tyres had I think been on the bike from new (8 years) and while they were never as bad as I thouht, in fact they handled really well in all conditions other than torrential rain. While the main cincensus seemed to be towards Michelin I went with previous experience and went with Dunlop Sportmax. An excellent choice and very good grip and confidence inspiring. Due to the mileage I put on the bike I am now trying out new tyres – Maxxis Sportsmaxx, again I have past experience of these but on much more powerful bikes. Gave them a serious run out on Sunday, 200 miles in cold, damp conditions. Once accustomed to the initial fast drop in, the mix of A & B roads, complete with farm spillages, pot holes and a variety of wildlife made for a really good test of their abilities. The ride was good, grip and performance was on a par with the Dunlops and given the cool conditions they never gave me cause for concern. I am so happy to have made the drop from large capacity sportsbikes to the 250 and the tyre choices made have added to the enjoyment immensely.

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