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    Thank you both Simon and MARCEL for confirming.

    Don’t understand why they don’t broaden the years on the listings though. Would make things a bit easier.




  • Hi,

    Been looking for front and rear brake pads for my 2017 GT 125 RC but all i seem to come across are ones listed up to year 2010 so are they all the same fitment or are they really that hard to get?

    Thanks in advance.

  • At least i can post here now but cant seem to be able to post a picture, maybe im doing it wrong?

    I am doing it via the insert/edit media button. Is this right?


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    I borrowed one from a mate but just had no room to move it once its located so i used a drift and a hammer and tapped the lock nut loose and tapped the nut down to stiffen the spring.

    Bit crude i know but did it in like 5 mins and i still have all the skin on my knuckles 😀



  • Not had much time to do much with the bike and that includes riding it but what i have done so far is, temp removed the pipes from the egr/ais. just disconnected them and plugged the hoses with bolts for now just to see what difference it made.

    The result is deeper exhaust tone and slightly better throttle response but a little flat spot mid…[Read more]

  • Thanks again Marcel very informative as usual.

    I am going to make the most of the good weather this as im using it daily but time permitting i may whip the carbs off and have a look inside and give them a clean at least.

    Will update this post when i have more info.



  • Hi Marcel,

    Thanks again for being very informative as usual.

    I think before i start buying any parts i shall strip the bike first just to see what if anything has already been done because i checked today and the EGR/AiS has a blanking plate already installed so now im thinking this bike may have an inherent problem.

    The other thing i was…[Read more]

  • Hi Marcel,

    Thank you for the very informative list of checks to do and possibilities.

    As soon as i get a free hour or two i shall remove the carbs and start with those because i noticed now its cooler sometimes the bike will start with no choke at all and sometimes it needs 3/4 choke but will never start with full choke. Also sometimes the idle…[Read more]

  • As the title says, after riding for about 45 mins in traffic and up to 50 mph i then got on to the dual carriageway and after about 10 mins riding at around 65mph the bike just died as it did once before at nearly the exact same spot. I stopped the bike, turned ignition off then back on and it restarted after 2 attempts, was a bit sluggish but was…[Read more]

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    Hi Marcel,

    Thank you so much for the info as i wasn’t aware japs had different philips heads to us so i shall have a look for the correct driver.

    The exhaust is the standard black one with the standard can on it. I would like a SS system on it just to let the engine breath a bit easier and to unleash that nice V twin sound.

    Will get a pic…[Read more]

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    Hi Dave,

    Some times it needs 3/4 choke and sometimes when sat outside in the sun all day it starts with no choke at all. Choke doesnt seem to alter much tbh. One cool morning it was being hesitant with full, half or quarter choke but once i got going and it warmed up a little it was ok. Over the last couple of days while it has been so warm the…[Read more]

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    Hi Dave, sorry for late reply but thanks for the info.

    Did the same trip on the bike yesterday with no issues so a bit weird other than what you mentioned about an air lock maybe.

    I also noticed when starting the bike it has instant throttle response then after about 10 seconds its like its flat then yesterday i reved it a couple of times and it…[Read more]

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    Hi Dave,

    Thanks for the welcome 🙂

    Yeah sorry, was going to post about the glitch in another thread but seeing as you asked, here goes.

    So first time out, going up a duel carriageway at 70 mph for about 5 mins and had a loss of power. It was just like it ran out of fuel so i tried to keep it going in gear clutch out but speed was dropping,…[Read more]

  • Hi all,

    Just signed up to the site and thought id introduce myself.

    Bought a Hyosung GT125 RC last week and like it a lot. Bought it for 2 reasons, 1 being its size (im 6ft) and the second reason because it has a V twin engine.

    People don’t believe me when i tell them it’s only a 125.

    Its done just over 8k on a 2017 plate and is totally…[Read more]

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