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      Hoyasung gt125r

      Hi i habe a hoyosung gt125r  i need to check the timing  can u help me as i dont bo tbe timing marks

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      ♠️ MARCEL
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      Usually the service manuals tell you how do it.   I was going to do a tutorial myself but been too far busy lol,  this included clearances check etc.

      It would take me 2 pages to do it but i’ll try next time i fix someone’s hyosung again.

      To cut to the chase.

      • flywheel should be marked F or R for rear or front.  Leave it there.
      • front or rear cams ===> EX is always #2 ^ | facing 100% accurately upwards  | ^ (Straight vertical)  or in other words, the EX cam always has a “DASH”__________ on the end of the of spindle — that DASH____ is always 100% straight horizontal line with the EDGE of the engine cover
      • Any exhaust cam (front or rear) . look at sprockets for numbers.

      Now , intakes cam (any side) (IN cams)

      • Intake cam sprocket #3 faces 90% upwards (10% tilted to the RIGHT)(whichever side you look at, the #3 must be a little towards RIGHT like this>  /    instead of a straight line> |  
      • Between the number 2 and 3   ===> there is 16 links on the chain.  (count 16 dots on the chain between #2 and #3 marked on the sprockets

      REAR CAM LOBES look like this  //ex      \\in   (125cc usually)
      FRONT CAM LOBES ==>   100% away from each other <==ex  in==>  (in 125cc in this case.)

      I think you got this!  Let us know how you get one.      I’ll find time to write deeper picture-based guides of these things.     If in doubt, you can always look at the vtwin manuals in the forum.

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      GT125R (carby)

      Here you go mate. A visual representation of Marcels info above. Set everything as you see here when the flywheel is aligned with the relevant mark (F or R) for each cylinder.

      Page 88 of the service manual that you will find here:

      Hope this helps buddy.

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