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      See that “Add Media” Button ?

      Yeah, currently aware it’s causing some issues for people to Attach images within the “Write Panel”   , and *specifically*  concerning posting Topics on the Forum.  Bare with me , the “Yellow Notice” will disappear once the fix is done (urgh…. coding!)

      Here is  Plan B  (Foolproof here…)

      Let’s try…

        1.  Go to   (click here to open in a New Tab 💻)
        2.  Click this button on their website……
        3.  Drag an image to the box field  or click “Browse” to find it  , like so…
        4. Once the image is uploaded, grab the Share Links …..
        5. Copy tjhe “BBCODE” For  Forums….
        6.  Thats it….. Go back to HyoRiders “Write Panel”  (Continue back to your Post)


          1. And paste it!


        1. [example] something here [/closelink]


      That was easy I hope! 

      Unsure?    Reply below with a bike image … Go for it!

      On Mobile?  – Same method applies.   This site doesn’t need an App.

      Just paste the [IMAGE-BBCODE] when writing….

      What if I don’t want to use Imgur? -> try Flickr ?  (Yahoo owns it.)

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