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      Mar 28, 2020
      KY USA

      Anyone know the story of why there are so many 2015-16 GT250R and GT650Rs on the U.S. market with 0 miles?  Have they been sitting in a Korea or India warehouse for the last five years?

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      Mar 28, 2020
      North UK

      Same with the UK with lower capacity versions .   Some are not yet registered on the road but made in 2016 in KR, sitting at the UK importer’s base.
      KR wouldn’t import any more in UK unless they are EURO4/5 compliant with ABS and all that  extra digital jazz.

      The next one that’s in UK imported for EURO4/5 is the smaller capacity GV125-S for 2019-2020. No news yet on Euro5 capable GT250s to UK!

      Any bikes (GT/GV/GTR) still in dealer showrooms most likely to be sold off cheaper as pre-registered 2016  (even if i buy it in 2020 with 0 miles lol)

      I’m not in the US, so i have been told there have been some small bike shops closing down  and  the dealer networks to sell Hyosungs have shrunk a bit. You will expect some old new shop stock to float around and probably sold for cheaper  (especially older EURO3 spec bikes)

      Least you have many 250s over there, it’s a low number here in UK!
      (just many 125cc and  650s on the road now)

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