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Apr 14, 2023

GT650 Front Sprocket Change?

Hey Gang,

I’ve recently acquired a 2006 GT650S which I’m currently working on.

The chain is in desperate need of replacement, but whilst I’m in there I’m considering dropping the front sprocket to a 14t to help with lower end torque/acceleration.


My research tells me that this reduces top speed (higher revs for given speed, therefore max speed at max revs would be lower) – My question is by how much and if it’s vastly noticible at the top end?


I primarily commute 50/50 on highways (110km/h – 70mph) and normal roads (60-80km/h -35-50mph)

Am I going to regret this modification if I rarely exceed 110km/h anyway? Could anyone who’s made this modification shed some light?

Stay Upright,



Jul 23, 2020

New Tyres

Hi All,

Just got my 2016 gt125r …just been serviced and motd at local bike shop.

Needs new rubber soon…looking to upgrade to 525 chain/sprocket at same time.

Any recommendations re tyre site/brand for all weather use.

New rider