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Aug 21, 2020

st7 coolent

hi All

I lost the radiator on my st7, bought a new one fitted ok; according to manual it says 50/50 mix of water and engine coolent what is best coolent to use.


Aug 19, 2019

St7 gv650 Classic coolant level

Hi, I have a gv650 Classic (the 650 version of the ST7) here in Australia.

The problem is when I go to check the coolant level in the reserve bottle, I can’t see the F or L marks because there is a metal cover and heat shield covering a lot of the bottle.

Any help please?


Mar 19, 2018

Wanted – ST7

Please contact me if you have an ST7 for sale or you know someone that is selling one.

Cheers, Greg.

Mar 19, 2018

New member needs a bike


My Name is Greg and I am from Sunderland, Tyne & Wear.

I am a returning motorcyclist and I am very interested in the ST7.  I have read reviews, seen pictures and the ST7 seems like a great bike at a good price. The problem is I’ve not actually seen one in the flesh (or metal), let alone ridden one.  I thought it would be an easy task to go to a dealer, look one over, have a sit on it and maybe take it for a test ride.


My local dealer stocks the smaller bikes but said he will only get an ST7 into the shop if I pay in advance. If I knew 100% that this is the bike for me, I would do so but this seems a trifle risky. Surely no-one would buy any vehicle unless they had at least seen one first.

I have contacted several of the other dealers within 150 mile radius but I have not been able to find any new or used examples.  I am hoping that some of the other members may be able to recommend a good dealer that has one in the showroom, or maybe someone has an ST7 that they want to sell.

I wait in hope of a response.