Good day, I own a 2004 Comet GT125 & I love the bike. That was until the weekend when it left me stranded next to the road!


I was doing about 80km/h when it suddenly died. It felt like I ran out of fuel but without the spluttering & surges. Obviously I checked the fuel lines,petcock etc as best I could seeing it was night time. I tried starting it but it wouldn’t, sounding like fuel starvation. Then after maybe 10 or so minutes I engaged the choke & it started. But sounding rough!!!! I managed to almost limp home,it did exactly the same about 500meters from home,so I just pushed it home. When I did get it going the first time & limped home the bike struggled to increase the revs. It felt like the carbs are blocked/dirty.


The next day it behaved exactly the same: I got it started (but not running as usual) & took a drive. Then same thing happened: cut out soon after starting the ride & after maybe 10 to 15 minutes it restarted.


It looks like it runs when cold & dies when warm. Then restarts when cooled down. Is this possible or am I losing it?


What do you think the problem is? Dirty carbs? Please help,I’m at wits end.