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Hyosing gt 125 P starting problem high idle 2017

Oct 7, 2022

Need help with hyosung GT125 P

Hi all

I jave a 2017 hyosung gt125 p, been stood for over 3 years, no mot only 6k on the clock, the bike didn’t start at first so I got a new battery new NGK Iridium spark plugs ans did a little service oil filter fuel filter oil ( flushed the old oil out with 5L of new oil, 10mm fuel pipe from vac pump toΒ  carb and bigger fuel filter an fuel lines to 8mm, even after all this the bike didn’t start at first used abit of easy start and boom its started BUT its idling high at 3k rpm and if I don’t keep the revs up it just dies, I e taken it all apart and given the carb a good clean and put it back together but it still doesn’t not start without the easy start, any advice and help would be much appreciated.

Many thanks