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GT125 Issues running

Hi folks my bike has recently started having a serious problem and I have no clue what it is. The spark is good it seems to be getting fuel and air. The pistons in the carburettor are barley moving and the bike is smoking a grey/ white smoke. Any help? The throttle has no response whatsoever the bike barley runs.


Paddock stand suggestions

Hey guys

Looking at getting a rear paddock stand for general maintenance on my Aquila GV125s. Any one got any good suggestions for a good paddock stand that will fit the bike?

Thanks in advance

Issues are unclean

Hey guys am new here be kind 😂😂 i have just gotten an 03 gt comet 125 an got her fired up first time today run for 5 mìns i know i need a new battry how eva the first cyclinder remaind cool whilst the back one seem to warm up a bit also will not rev up any advice on what this could be thanks in advance am thinking a spark. b carbs ? When you try to rev its rpm would start to drop its idol speed was around 1.2 it also didnt seem to be missing a beat but thats what confuses me as i have never owned or had experience with these bikes/engines thank you in advance