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Feb 16, 2023

Gv250 not turning on after dumbness with a keyswitch

I love my bike, however it’s seen some nuts shite

its been a problem after another, and it’s this problem that made me join the forum

im currently in the middle of a complete rebuild of my 2008/9 gv250 imported by United motors.

I decided to turn it into a rat rod and have been doing modifications to the body panels and frame to get that classic rat rod look.


well, I changed out the light during this time to a warmer bulb while the electrical system was disassembled, and in my stupidity, I decided to short the keyswitch plug to test the light instead of just plugging it in.


well I shorted the red wire to a black wire and there was a loud spark and a lot of current, and now the bike won’t turn on 🀦


I was hoping someone may be able to point me into the right direction to fix it since I don’t really know much about bikes on the electrical side, obviously. πŸ˜…


Any help is appreciated
Briggs R.