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May 23, 2021

Aquila GV125s 2021 – Clutch lever Replacement

Hey guys

Unfortunately earlier today as I was cleaning the bike I leant the stand on a plastic drain cover. As you can guess the drain cover lost a fight with my bike now I am in need of a clutch lever Replacement.

Unfortunately from all my searches online I am still unsure which clutch lever I should get to replace it. I am just looking for a like for like replacement nothing fancy but for the life of me can’t find information on which one I need so any help would be much appreciated.

Jan 10, 2021

bike will not go into neutral when running

So I have got my carb working reasonably well, some variations at idle but waiting on parts. One thing that I am wondering about is the fact I cannot get it into neutral while running. If I am at lights for a while I hit the kill switch, it will go in neutral no worries, then restart.

Wondering if this is something others have found or is this a sign I need a new clutch. I do plan on replacing the clutch very soon anyway, aiming on the next oil change. I changed the oil when I first got the bike, 500 Km ago.

Just need to figure out if I should do this ASAP or I can wait another 3500 Km.

Any thoughts and suggestions much appreciated

May 8, 2020

Can you remove crankcase with no problem?

Hi hyorider friends,

Do you do always remove crankcase with no problem? Scope is GT250R 08′, carburetor model..

Today i just tried to do this for replacement of clutch plate to new ones.

First of all untightened all bolts and nut with the crankcase needed for the case come off from engine, could do just the “come off”.

Here I met problem. The case did hit to frame & coundn’t make the stud bolt from engine for fit oil filter cover come off from the case so, haven’t been able to remove the case from engine…

Hereby, You guys haven’t met this problem? Only me?

If you already met & know the countermeasure for it, can you kindly tell me what I should..?

Thanks a lot in advance for your cooperation!!