Well the following nonsense is coming out of something Marcel said last week “You could post a forum journal on the front page, incase we make threaded replies to follow your outings or garage workings”.  I can’t see where or how I do that exactly – hey I’m 62 years old, we didn’t have social media in the seventies, no internet, just great music and lots of fun, so if Marcel wants to move my bloggy blatherings somewhere more appropriate he is very welcome to do so.

So this is Rosie, my 2016 GV250 EFi, that had just 2,785 on the clock when I bought her 17th December last year, and is now showing 3,190 so she’s done 3 times the mileage in the last three months than she did on the previous 3 years.  And you know, I think she rather likes it.

A little more bling

As with any new girlfriend you have to start spending money on presents, so the boring black air filter covers have been replaced with chrome and, more practically, a centre stand has been fitted.  I was pleasantly surprised that the 5 minute job as demonstrated on YouTube (see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jzljlX9CyHI ) took just that although my garage floor was a lot more cramped, and very much colder, than lucky old Two Wheel Exploits in Melbourne. With shipping the stand cost about £70* from South Korea, and I’ve seen these on eBay for £115 – £125 so I’m happy with the deal.

I think I’ll probably recoup that cost the first time I do my own oil change, plus I can fill the tank on the level without risking a crotch full of Ethanol.

Next bit of bling was replacements for the missing front fork top covers.  Now it annoyed me that I hadn’t noticed that these were missing when I inspected the bike, the headlamp has been replaced with a unit held on by two clamps attached to the fork tubes.  Now these clamps are either stopping the front forks from working, or are scratching the tubes any time the forks depress, and they are certainly stopping the refitting of the chrome covers.

Front forks with the offending headlamp brackets

So when it became apparent that the headlamp couldn’t be refitted with these clamps gripping the fork covers rather than the forks an order had to go back to South Korea for a proper headlamp mounting unit, which fits into the lower fork brace.  Oh, and a new headlamp housing to fit on the mounting.  What’s the betting I then need a replacement headlamp lamp unit to fit in the housing that goes on the mounting?
“And the foot bone’s connected to the leg bone.
The leg bone’s connected to the knee bone.
The knee bone’s connected to the thigh bone.
An’ that’s the word of the Lawd.”

Just in case anyone’s thinking “you’re wasting money on bling!  What about brake pads and tyres and…??” rest assured they have all been checked and are perfectly in order for a bike with just 3,000 miles on the clock.

BTW: If anyone knows of a really cool looking and powerful LED headlight unit that fits into the standard GV250 EFi 7.6″ headlamp housing, then I’d be much obliged.

Once these geegaws have been fitted that will probably be it for bling.  For a while.  Although I’d love to fit a lamp rack with a pair of fog lights.  And of course I do need some saddle bags for the gear I have to tote too and from the office.

Meanwhile I’ve been trying out my ‘A’ roads route to Northampton that misses out the M1.  Although hampered by a light spot of rain I had a very enjoyable blast along the A6 today that certainly exceeded 60mph and may have reached the dizzy figure of 70+mph.  Rosie certainly seemed to be enjoying herself.

Why have I called her ‘Rosie‘.  That’s in honour of Bon Scott, Malcolm Young and of course surviving brother Angus, who on the 16th May 1978 blew my ears off with one of the loudest sets I ever heard.  Like I say, we had a pretty good time in the seventies.  For a 250cc bike there’s a ‘Whole Lotta Rosie’, and she’s quite a ride.  Although at 27 stones she’s a bit heavier than the original
“Doin’ all the things
Doin’ all the things you do
Ain’t no fairy story
Ain’t no skin and bones
But you give it all you got
Weighin’ in at nineteen stone”

‘ave a gud ‘un
Zigger Zag