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2010 Hyosung gt650r efi

Oct 11, 2022

2010 EFI GT650R CHE on dash/no start

Hi all, first time poster, first Hyo owner. I was given a 2010 GT650R and was assured that it ran, just needed a new fuel pump because the barb on the pump had been broken off. Well, I have managed to temporarily fix the pump, but when I put it all back together, it wouldn’t start, not even a cough.

Since then, it has no power at the fuel pump, CHE on the dash, and won’t even cough. I have tested the resistance/ continuity of the blue wire from the dash to ecu, with a reading of 001, so from memory that means they are communicating to each other, but still have CHE on dash, tried starting it with roll over on and off, nothing, brand new battery, sprayed starting fluid into the air box, nothing, not even a cough, main fuse is in tact and tried different relays, still nothing.

Have I missed something, or is it a good chance the ECU may be no good???