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GV125C 2012

There’s only the one big motorcycle workshop here so I think it’s lack of competition locally, I’m certainly not using them again.
My other bike that I’m working into (an XVS650) is having a bit of work done before I get it and they are charging that for a couple of seals, re-grease the brake pins and sticky switches. I suspect a standard service would be the same. The place i got it from were also surprised at the cost of it as well but can’t be helped as it is needing an MOT.

Yes easily!, when my gv is riding i’ll book something in for a lookover 🙂

Thanks for letting me know, My uncle and I have just recently pulled the rear wheel off to do the chain but it turns out we’ll need a socket, all the ones he had are either too big or too small haha.

Off the top of your head you wouldn’t happen to know the torque specs for them would you? I can’t find a GV service manual, just the owners manual.

Thanks Marcel 🙂