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North UK

I’ve changed the fuel pump and the tank tap, I have a little bit of fuel in my fuel filter but it’s still not starting

When you crank the bike , hold the button for 5 seconds max. Then wait 10-20 seconds for starter motor to cool down. Then do it again.

Do NOT twist throttle yet ,  you want the engine to draw more fuel in to the filter that’s why.

Still struggling to start?

Get someone first to lift your tank and “hold it” nicely , do not disconnect pipes or anything like that , and they must not pull the tank ,  just lift it nicely off its cushions and tilt it towards the back

Now you can see your airbox

Get to halfords ===> Buy “YELLOW” colour only  BRADEX EASY START can.

Spray crazy amounts of it  (yes go crazy with it) ===> in to the air filter ….

Now start your bike with full choke.

While starting it   , you have 5 seconds to twist the throttle up & down a million times (how fast can you twist up and down?)

If it has spark, it will scream to life and the choke system will try to enrich the bike and keep it at 4k revs

After 2mins of 4k revs,  slowly reduce the choke. And it should start to idle at 1500 rpm  (1,000-1,2000 rpm ICE cold is OK!)

Wait 10 mins max  (in this current weather before riding) , the engine should be warm and oil is hot circulating now ,  revs will go to 1500rpm by themselves.

Hope i made sense ?

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