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North UK

I’d say yes as the garage I went was actually a honda garage and they should have known better but they shut shop just before the pandemic. To be honest, all motorcycle garages here are terrible. they’ve all bodged something up and facebook is filled with stories even with common bikes. I think as a rule most just work on their own bikes here. plus 82 quid an hour isn’t worth it to install 2 plugs, throw some pads on and a put some oil in.


82 quid per hour! for 2 plugs ?

Sorry but you will get a wayyyy more premium service with us for way less.


I will send your goods soon, but bare with me for extra 2 working days , i think we just had in influx of EGR blank orders, so gonna ring supply chain to send a big box again 🙂  , when you get the usual “dispatch” email, it means goods are with your postie 🙂

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