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United States
2012 gv250

Marcel, what is your email. I could use to try IAP, both and Engine Temperature sensor to try. They check ok, but im at a loss here.

Harness i would want exact model and year…

Spark blue white, also replaced entire ignition system plugs to wires, coil, pick up, alt, all in case, all were good and now all new.

No idea if new used ecu is good, but bike acts same, smell gas, spark, no start. Compression??? 100psi… cold.

No Fi lamp, that and tachometer missing. I rigged a lamp to Fi wires, jumped service mide. Light stays on, off as crank, on as ignition on. No blinks. Never off cause never starts now. Ran off on in past, weird. Seems like IAP?? Has correct voltage from wires to power and of signal range. Sensor, both have proper resistance.