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It sounds electrical ,  if it has a standard regulator  (Says Hyosung on it or HANKUK Korea) , then it is advised to replace it with a beefy one.

Searching the keyword “stator” will bring some old topics in this site on where multiple replies were made on how to test the stator unit.

So i’d say , a healthy stator (making 70v minimum at 5k revs) is a must. You can even download the GV650 or GV250 manuals on this page and just go to where it says “how to test stator” and follow what Korea says with a pocket meter.

When you confirm the stator is actually making 70v+   (and is under 0.9 ohm on its 3 wires)

Then replace the regulator.

I keepo saying stator because if it’s failing, a new reg will just get eaten up by it and you will likely need a new battery , just in time for spring 2023 ,  = Correct size battery & brand is  YUASA YTX 14BS and get it from halfords or bike shop.   Don’t get batteries online due to fakes or sellers selling very very old stock (cells rot if sat for ages)

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