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North UK

There is always a silent grateful majority who like tutorials , thats why they keep coming back we even had some mechanics actually tell us the clutch tutorials were helpful to them in the past,   we know that most UK garages don’t really want to touch Hyosungs which is a shame!

They run great when its all working well and it shows its mood too.

I am digressing, so let me address your pics now

You can block this pipe, as it goes nowhere. So make sure that side-mounted air filbox doesn’t leak air elsewhere too!



This actually goes straight to the ground (road), (breather hose)
If it is the hose that’s connected directly to the tank and its far away from the tap so to speak.



That is carb float bowl – overflow to the road.
– If your floats burst / jam = it drains straight out to avoid flooding carb.
– if the bike falls heaven forbid , then it pours all of it out (well most)

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