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North UK

Is there anything you can suggest I try with carbs in-situ Marcel?

Check Pilot Jet , it gets clogged very easily too.

Then while carbs and airbox are still on the bike, you can spray EASY START inside the airbox

Disconnect Rear Coil.

See if the engine actually sparks the front cylinder in to life and activate full choke , it should try to get it going.  I expect if fuel comes out of the front carb, the plugs must spark it.

Or rear plug will be wet (as it was disconnected from HT coil)

But front will be DRY if its sparking and trying to fire

If its flooding, it will be very wet.

Looking at front and rear plugs will give us much better idea what to do next.

And also as per Alan above suggestion ^

The “starting Jet” really actually deals with starting mainly or fast choke system .  It’s the Pilots to keep the bike idling.

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