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You can do this right away to help the bike long term

  • Motul 7100 oil  (strictly this , nothing else)  – Get “10w50” grade instead of 10w40   (10w50 is allowed by hyosung)
    Also it takes longer to break down , hence good quality oil i recommend it
    Fresh oil filter (always)
  • Upgrade ignition coils   (OEM ones on 125s tend to break down)(Common)
  • Upgrade to NGK Caps  (Better heat resistors)  (OEM ones are made by GOLDEN company in China. Cracks a lot inside.)
  • Check to make sure Regulator is 14v from idle. = If no, Korea says replace it right away.
  • Check to make sure Regulator is 14v at 5,000 revs =  If no, replace it.


Fuel System
Tell us below, first ….

  • have you replaced the fuel tap under the tank (too common)  = No fuel or too slow –> Your carb drains its bowls and bike cuts off.
  • Fuel pump – New one is a good idea,  no rebuilt kits for it exist yet. =  Slow dying pump means its prone to cut outs.
  • Upgrade to fuel lines sold at this shop and it’s monstrosity filter
    Hint = If the filter is HALF full when you finish riding ,  tap is doing OK
    Hint 2 = If filter is Half-Full at 6pm —–> and at 10pm its emtpy === DO NOT RIDE the bike!  (Your floats, pump, etc need check as they allowed fuel in to cylinders
    Engine hydrolocks
    And soon damaged piston rings with excess heat.
    Just too many problems later.
  • USE E5 ONLY   = Sorry for all caps but E10 really is a killer.   If you use E5, then well done 😉

Carb System
This monstrosity is happiest when its had an ultrasonic bath and a wizard that’s tuned it properly to the tee.  If a mechanic tries to tune a carb by “guessing” , do not pay him & don’t use him again.

Sometimes tuning also involves checking float height is 7mm upside down

Carb Rebuild Kits include a float valve that actually has a “spring” on it, which can be dead on OEM floats after many years, hence if there is float issues = soon cut out and stranded.

If in doubt, just get new floats at the shop too & don’t adjust them.

Engine Heat = 100000000% recommended to get a 250cc oil cooler. It will love you for it.
We have more than 10x oil coolers for sale,  just send us an email. Some are on ebay under the @Evocrest name with protective grills sold separate.

Summer is coming.

Cool down that hot girl 😉

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