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North UK

Give it to me straight doc, is it fixable?

Yes sir.  It’s not dead yet.

Just remember to put where you find that tip and spring under the bike and carefully rise the bike (jack it up) and check gearbox works

Spin the wheel in neutral then select 1st gear while holding clutch, then try to spin wheel?
Try neutral again , and 2-5th gear to make sure gearbox is OK.  As that element with a spring is for gearbox.

As for the flywheel. You need to pull the flywheel off (Can get a puller tool for you if need be & ship it)  , and also will send “used but complete sprag” clutch system as
I will have the kit (the sprocket & the crucial sprag-one-way bearing unit), i know its somewhere as we just had a donor bike to salvage parts from , so being weekend of rest, i will wait till next week to get it together!

If interested , send us an email with exact parts list.

If i am honest , EFi has wayyyyyyy more electronics and more parts to change and the front cylinder head needs a special hole bored in to fit a korea ET sensor in to it.

You have a carby system that’s easier to get it going on road!

If you still have the twin carbs = rebuild it with a repair kit and fresh jets , and ultrasonic clean it, it really works wonders as there would be nothing blocking air and fuel mix in the carb body , even new slides are sold on this shop, i have it all.

Fuel Pump is not a bad idea to replace!

Fuel Tap is not a bad idea to replace either 🙂

out with the old & in with the repair kits / new parts , so to speak.

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