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North UK

There is a fan that’s on the oil cooler.  I would get rid of it.   The oil cooler does the job very well and your climate is not the sahara desert so it will never burn itself ,  just make sure to use quality ESTER OIL as they really love premium oils.  Even the gearbox will feel smoother.

I gotta say, he must have had so much trouble finding the Twin-Carb  (OEM & best performing)  , the owner had to resort to strange fabrications to make a single carb system.

The “Rubber Intake Pipes” that are on the engine heads are OEM and correct, look after them very well.

Looks like you need
– Twin Carbs  (Hyosung GV250/GT250 Carb Type,  not fuel injection models)
– GV250 airbox  (carb type!) as injection model airbox does not fit.
– GV250 “Large” rubber airbox connecting tube
– GV250 “AIR FILTER” box that hangs on the side of the bike and is more enclosed (No pod filters as hyosungs had them)
– Possible throttle & choke cables if they are not OEM ones.  (Carby type) as EFi injected doesn’t fit.

Seriously though, big respect to whoever did the work to make it run on a single carb “BUT” he should have just found 2 single mikuni carbs (jap) and fabricate an airbox that accepts a filter and hides under the tank , like most bikes do.

It’s up you which direction you want to head to ?

– GO OEM  (Recommended) but costs & time to wait for parts to arrive.   (That’s if your local wreckers don’t have it, then i have to go get the stuff from donor bike as such)
– Spend lots of time away from the rain , as it doesn’t look like it will survive a rainy day and have to meticulously fine tune the carb to try run 2 engines in harmony.

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