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GV125C 2012

Sorry to interrupt, that’s a rather impressive modification and is definetly not stock as the two stock intake boots seem to have a T piece to another carb. Whoever did this was quite clever. Hyosungs usually have 2 mikuni carbs.

I have been playing around with mine today which is a 125 but very similar otherwise. This is so different, though rather tidy. Being that you’re adding fuel to get it to run properly, you may have a vaccum leak or they never bothered to get the jetting right. I would say try adding an eighth (1/8th) of a turn out (as if you’re removing it) to the mixture screw to see if it helps. failing that you’d probably need a bigger jet if it’s not a vaccum leak. Obviously not being a stock bike i haven’t a clue what that carb is and i couldn’t tell you where that screw would be but if i’m to hazard a guess it will be near the choke, maybe even part of that mechinism.

Being non-stock you may have a hard time getting it to run correctly but having a single carb does remove some of the difficulty out of tuning it.