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Orihuela Spain
Aquila GV125

Oh dear! Marcel, I am despondent! I am back to running on rear cylinder only. I felt sure the bike would run, even with the front carb starting jet blocked with a broken off needle tip (!!), but it seems it won’t. I have a spark, but only running rear pot. Can you find me a front carb body or suggest anything else I can try. I will send you pics of carbs via email. I have all the new jets already, so can fit them to a body. Hope you can help.

Hi Mike, have you tried pushing out the broken needle tip from the other end of the jet with a fine wire or something similar.
Have you definitely got spark to the front cylinder! the reason I ask is I had a problem with the front cylinder not running but just checked the spark using the rear plug (easier access) turned out the live wire going to the front coil had come off, the spade connector was loose and had to pinch it with a pliers to make it stay on!