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Also check & swap relays around, sometimes if one of the 3 or 4 relays behind the seat panels blows out, the bike then doesn’t activate anymore. Also check these

  • Clutch Handle Bar Switch
  • Side Stand Switch
  • Connection to the ECU is very clean and there is not 1 single loose one (1 single loose wire can throw everything off)

Does it say F-1 or Fi (Fi is fuel injection system) (including what i said about the pump above ^ )

Also check  (some models have it) and extra fuse box that says “30A” only, check them too with rest of what i said on the list above^

If you get time , try to trick the ECU to throw an error code (service manual in this forum on how to get error code … AB1223    , 456BC etc.. will say on the dash)

If push come shove ,  remove battery for 24hrs and reconnect it all again and try to start it ,  if not, check my comments above or trick ecu for error code.  There is something that’s tripped the ECU not to start.

I just pray the ECU itself is in very good working order and the zillion wires that are going to it are in tact as it has multiple pins behind the ECU.

Just one-wire throws it off .

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