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North UK

Nice tutorial. But i have to correctyou on one point. On the 2001 gv125 aquila the stock pilot jet is 17.5 and not 15 like you sayed.

Domestically in UK we have stripped them and found them to be size 15 and it seems to match our findings on Korea’s parts database in KR America they use for dealers ,  but it is possible 17.5 is used in other countries anyway.

At the time Euro3 laws came in effect , the newer bikes even had EGR stuff fitted to them (to trick emissions laws) , but at the end, it made bikes a little leaner.  If korea uses 17.5 , they downsize the CO mixture  , if they use 15 pilots , they enrichen the mixture a little bit 😉

Same engine as GT125R bikes , no GT125R bike in world has had 17.5 pilots as they changed to MK2 carbs with jet pumps at the side….   meanwhile GV & GT Naked shared same carb around 2001-2005 with same settings.     GTR bike came much later.

98-01 – GV
2003 – GT
2005 – GTR


I should add that some GV125s in UK started coming with 17.5 pilots again.  Weird if you ask me!

Size 15 seems to be right size pilot ,  i mean  250cc is size 20 it’s perfect for it.  22.5+ etc will just waste fuel .

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