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North UK

we will be going to get a new volt meter tomorrow, ours conveniently bit the dust. But the starter clutch has almost half of the teeth missing. Not sure how anyone managed. We pulled the triangle and opened the seeve, more oil came out but no metal chunks or anything came from there. Definitely needs a new oil filter, the kid we got it from flooded it horribly. Gasoline mixed with the oil so much it smells like we dumped gasoline all over everything. The chain on the bike needs adjusted, it’s missing a caliper on the front. The battery is zip tied on, gas tank and carbs aren’t even hooked up which makes me worry about the carbs, now I’m thinking for that we may need to take it to a shop, what do you think?. It’s a project bike that’s for sure but I’m ready for it.

If you can get yourself some carb cleaner , would you be able to clean the carbs out hard and also use air compressor to blow out every small hole inside the carb , then for your parts list will just be “carb rebuild kit”

If no metal shavings fell out, i best hope they are inside the oil filter , i mean looks like he hydrolocked the engine with flooded carbs and fuel and the 650 tried to crank , causing its teeth to shear off from the sprocket behind the crank,  this is my theory unless the kid admits it!

Poor thing damn,    if you’re ready for it,   the forum is open for questions and topics , you will be making us happy for rescuing it 👍

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