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North UK

it sounds silly but when cranking the bike does the RPM gauge move ?

because on a carby bike,  when you press start , the RPM gauge always dances between 600-1000 rpm  (magneto rotor spinning) and coils working ? + CDI unit.

But sometimes no spark is a sign of

  • Bad coils
  • Bad HT cap (common) thats why we use NGK ones.
  • Side Stand switch   (bypass it, as it is that annoying) but don’t forget to check side stand before riding!
  • Clutch Handlebar Lever Switch  (Don’t bypass it) as fake neutrals can happen , an engine can spin straight to 1st gear and bike falls down , as neutral wasnt “fully” neutral if you know what i mean, it’s always good to squeeze clutch before starting anyway.

I can always post a diagram if you like ?

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