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North UK

12KG CM2 is usually the limit and normal is around 14-16kg cm2

However i can attest that i’ve tested a Hyosung 125cc that had 100 PSi in the rear and 125 psi at the front and this was hot.

The bike started in a bad mood, but once it got going, it was idling easy at 1k revs , then gets to 1800 rpm  (because its a carb model and UK is cold as hell) , however due to low PSi its top speed and acceleration wasn’t good.

So if you’re 100 PSI cold, you should be able to start it and if it does and gets hot, it should rise up.

Normally 175 psi each cylinder is a very good top end.

I have no idea how much you have replaced on this bike  (assuming OEM parts) other than what you have said on this forum already,  then I pray we don’t have to find a GV250 DAEWOO ECU.  (I mean it’s sparking but Fi light stays on? )

I know on a GT bike on DELPHI system,  it comes on,  then goes away once it starts running.

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