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North UK

Have you had the chance to get it running and idling?  If yes….

  • Then grab your meter , switch to 20V DC
  • Go to the battery and see what the idle voltage is at the battery
  • Then rev up to 5k revs max and see what the voltage is at the battery

Idle 14.1V  // 5K revs 14.6V

Then also check your charging to system while it’s running to see the output of the stator    (Under 100V  AC not DC) , in all 3  yellow lines.


  • It can just be the case the starter motor is starting to wane
  • Flywheel Sprocket  (Sprocket that is behind the crank rotor drum) may have lost a tooth or 2, hence slower starting/slower cranking (Have a visual look after you drain oil 1st) – I hope it is OK!
  • Starter Motor Relay = Yup , very common, sometimes it’s this thing that’s slowing down the start up process.
  • Because you have an EFi,  your battery may be too low or too weak  (meaning it’s loosing charge too easily if a starter motor is cranking while fuel pump primes and all other EFi electronics start to tax the battery to start
  • I would get a fresh battery and make sure it is a YUASA YTX 14BS , I recommend the battery whenever i deal with customers here in UK.    batteries like Powerline are just pure junk.      VARTA (German) , UNIBATT are also my favs if i can’t get YUASAs.

I hope this info helps but keep us posted and I will digress further if need be 🙂

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