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North UK

Welcome sir!

I’ve seen people on foreign forums even using “push bike inner” rubber tube and wrapping the inlet around with it.

We do repair intake pipes but in reality my cnc guy does all that and he has his own secretive ways but sometimes some boots are difficult beyond economic repair as they just fall apart ,  this doesnt help when people are using E10 fuel.     Not just hyosungs.

So we’re slowly not going to bother with that and try to make metal versions (he does cnc stuff for this shop) so i trust him,  it will be half-metal and half rubber because the rubber potion has a notch inside to hold the carb down and sit firmly in the grooves.   I am digressing.

I would say what you’re doing may be a temp fix until a better set comes along , but there is also the issue of the “glues, epoxies , etc” being safe for high heat , constant flow of petrol down them from the carbs  , etc ….    EPDM Rubber has a funny meaning for a reason “Extremely Problematic Durable Material” lol

Also the bike tube thing seems to be what others do  (not just hyosungs) until a nice set of intakes come along.

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