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North UK

If the Hyosung 650 gets tuned right, it will beat the Sv650 ,  (funny cause they use similar motors but not the same at all!)  = Suggests that SV & GT & GV were made near the same plant lol.

GT/GV = Prettier looking by asian standards but the Suzuki do have their own bikes that also look good!

I’ve had a rieju (fully spanish made) , kawasaki and Suzuki GS500 bikes but the hyos have & still are the longest brand i’ve kept,  i must like them haha.   I’ve not really desired to jump on to the likes of the R1 Yamahas and what not  , but i do like their old style R6 bikes.

Honestly, call me old school, i’ve grown to like the looks of the hyos and yet if someone shows me a 2022 bike of another make , i’m not too keen on it.

Do you want more power ?  Otherwise the 250 seems zippy enough for you ?

Stay in Hyosung so you can’t be one of the “few chosen” to be on dark side , than a common sea wave of yamaha riders.

Excuse my grammar above  ( hyperactive fingers on the keyboard sometimes!)

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