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2008/9 Hyosung/United motors gv-250

By pictures do you mean of the bike or the carb?


the carb is beyond fixing. The vacuum pump plunger thingy (pardon my French, im very tired) has a budded screw on the end in the float bowl.

well, the bolts from each carb broke off from age and it’s now dumping liters of fuel over time into the front most manifold (I was able to fix the other).

(If I forget to shut off fuel when I go to the store, I have to break it free by reversing a bit in 1st gear to de-hydro lock the engine) that’s how bad it is.


I have literally rebuilt those mikuni carbs 7 different times with tankweld because I cant find any new and even remove those bolts and the sumbich keeps breaking.

like redneck v-tech though, when I give it half throttle and the mixture stabilizes, it lurches with an acceleration that terrifies me until I smile and frown at the same time.

Also I have designed a new air box because I hate the one that came with it, (I feel like I’m breaking the bike each time I put it in)

the main problem and why it hates pod filters is the vacuum line that runs in the air box, if I’m not mistaken… so I devised a plan to take inexpensive 1 1/2 inch (pardon my imperial XD) piping, spacers and fittings and make a cold air intake like snake into a single 3 inch pod. It also has a port for the vacuum line and seems to work very well.


it is dark outside so I can’t take new pictures, but as soon as I can, I will.


I hope this helps you help me : P


If I give you advice, either follow with a cautious second opinion or call me an idiot, either is fine.