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North UK

Just an update, i checked TP, both IAP, IAT, ET, idle speed sol, all have proper power and output range voltages. Wires to ecu continuity, but not checked to pins just strip wire a bit only.. No air leaks near intakes. Hope to try a used alternate ecu next… Crazy no start cranks well. Has compression.

Also check

  • Neutral Sensor
  • Clutch Handlebar  (again)   (it has to know you squeezed clutch in to start it) some ECU’s are like this  (hell, the CDi of the smaller 2016 125cc bikes won’t even spark if its not sensed , i deal with this all the time for customers forcing me to sell “clutch switches” enmasse at the shop) , i wouldn’t bypass it as “fake neutrals” can happen and bike rolls down or falls to ground as soon as it cranks.   Ask me how i know lol.
  • Side Stand  (bypass it) but sometimes dirty wires makes it hard for bypass to work.  (no circuit)
  • Finally, the “TIP OVER” sensor  , if the bike doesn’t sense the TIP OVER sensor  or it’s dead , it thinks you crashed, therefore it won’t start to save itself.
    On a GV the tip over sensor will be under seat near battery area or just above the frame under the tank, korea changes locations of it on certain bikes.

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