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There are several different partnumbers, depending the year build, the part I used as key 4 in the drawing was 09160H20003
The parts I used were ordered from the German dealer, they did have other partnumbers for their stock, see below.

Georg Heider
Bundesstrasse 6
37191 Katlenburg-Lindau
E-Mail: info@hyosung-ersatzteile.com
1 x U-Scheibe 15,5x28x1Kupplungsdrucklager (YH1508) = 0,79 EUR
2 x Sicherungsblech f. Kupplungsnabe (YK7435) = 4,92 EUR
2 x Anlaufscheibe für Kupplung 20x35x3, neue (YH7802) = 7,80 EUR

Best may be to contact them or the UK dealer for the correct parts, just add your framenumber and the ight be able to help you.
I also ordered parts fromKorea one time, this takes a bit longer.
Kind regards,