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It could be the carbs that are waiting for the fuel tap  (as it sounds like it is wanning) (common) and also the fuel pump.

It could also benefit from some fresh fuel lines all around and also check the “fuel filter ” is facing the right way ( as sometimes a filter facing the wrong way, actually restricts fuel flow) , but replace it anyways if in doubt.

Also check float height is dead spot on at 7mm (not more , not less ) and also if in doubt, replace the fuel floats , float seat, float valve = That will no doubt ensure the carb now has “uninterrupted” fuel flow as the revs & speed increase.

The bowls may be clean, how about inspecting the slides and slide needle ?    Here is a mod below that helps the infamous  6-8k dead spot

[Tutorial] How to adjust Carb Slide Needle (Tuning) – Hyosung GV & GT 125/250

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