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North UK

Efi, no carb, ty.

I am suspicious of the stator unit

Because if you have a “2012 GV” , it will most likely have a “DAEWOO”  (out of business)  ECU, and subsequently , it means the stator unit is also made by DAEWOO.

However,  it is possible to replace it with another OEM unit of the 2009-2012 era .  After 2013 Korea switched to the DELPHI electronics on the entirety of the most EFi 250s globally until present time.   Some chinese replacement stators are hit & miss, so i can’t really comment on that. However chinese regulators is a big no no.

However we can’t have nothing dare fry up that Black Gold of that super rare ECU!

Hopefully the item (crank sensor) that is part of stator you have acquired will help fire it up!

It may be “too cold” to get an accurate reading as it should be done when engine is hot , but grab a good compression tester (not a chinese ones) and check compression on both cylinders and let us know what it says too. (on cold)

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