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United Kingdom
Hyosung Gt125R

Update time..


So after a lot of help on the Facebook group here is an update.

upgraded vacuum lines bought from here, changed the fuel filter and all fuel lines for new. Installed a clutch switch. Cleaned the carbs only issue both choke plungers work however the bar does not slide operating the other as it appears to be seized in place. Managed to get the bike to start but was idling ridiculously high. Opted to install the carbs to the airbox then install to the manifolds. This made a huge difference. Bike now idles at 3k rpm. if i slight touch the throttle assembly at the carb it reduces ad stays there. Opened up the cable housing and the grip is all broken except one hole. I think this may be the culprit and will replace and replace the grip. Had to put a splash if fuel into the carbs to get her to fire unfortunately the battery would die before would fire. Halford wants £72.99 for the battery cheaper and same model on ebay for half the price..


Also deleted the EGR thanks to the tutorial on here. Then another problem reared its ugly head…the petcock was leaking. This will be replaced but for now JB weld saved the day with a temp fix. So left to do is as follows repaint all fairings i have a theme in mind all will be revealed when completed. Purchase a left side fairing bracket as the other is all twisted. Replace the petcock, then oil filter change just for peace of mind. Noticed today exhaust bracket is held on with cable tie. Wanted to upgrade exhaust anyway now i have an excuse. Then i need to adjust the drive chain as loose. Also finally got the dash sorted mine had burnt out. Ordered one on eBay which was a nightmare no tracking 10 days later not arrived and no refund in site. Had to get eBay to sort. Then miraculously a post on Facebook £30 later new dash which works.

I did take it for a ride to the end of the road forgot how heavy the bike is to push out my gate lol