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North UK

Update, checked all connectors, electrical spray, all seem ok. Still just cranks, hear a little try only if open throttle just in option as cranking. I have spark, i am going to replace the pick up for timing in alternator case, just to see if helps, even though it looks ok, has resistance and i have spark. I have spark, injectors spraying, have compression, it can only be timing issue, or air fuel mixture off? All sensors ohm out good, voltage correct per manual values… i wush i could just try a new ecu, no wires look shorted to ground ect, all connected… Aarrggg any help appreciated…

it sounds silly sorry for asking

If the injectors are confirmed to be spraying , that’s good, fuel is coming out.

What about the sparks ? are they bright blue sparks or yellow dimm sparks ?

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